HyVAB Hybrid Vertical Anaerobic Biofilm Bioreactor

HyVAB – Hybrid Vertical Anaerobic Biofilm Our most advanced ultra-high rate technology The HyVAB has been developed by Biowater Technology, with support from The Norwegian Research Council and Innovation Norway, combining Anaerobic Digestion with our patented CFIC® biofilm technology. Space Saver, Energy Generator As an ultra-high rate technology, HyVAB offers a footprint significantly smaller than conventional treatment. This is

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CFIC®Continuous Flow Intermittent Cleaning

CFIC® – The next generation MBBR biofilm technology. Biowater’s proprietary CFIC® technology offers industry-leading performance when compared with widely used Activated Sludge and MBBR solutions. The small footprint, combined with Biowater’s approach to process design makes this far more versatile than existing solutions, making it very suitable for a wide range of existing WWTP. How

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CMFF® Complete Mix Fixed Film

The process The BioWater CMFF® biological process is based on the MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor) concept where moving plastic carriers with fixed biofilm remove organic and inorganic substances in the water. The proposed BioWater CMFF® design includes the Biowater biofilm carrier elements which are freely mixing around in the reactor and are specially designed

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