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CFIC® - The next generation MBBR biofilm technology.

Biowater’s proprietary CFIC® technology offers industry-leading performance when compared with widely used Activated Sludge and MBBR solutions. The small footprint, combined with Biowater’s approach to process design makes this far more versatile than existing solutions, making it very suitable for a wide range of existing WWTP.

How it works

CFIC® reactor contains highly packed biofilm carriers to a degree (typically 90-99% bulk volumetric fill) that little movement of the carriers occurs in the reactor during normal operation. Microorganisms in the biofilm that attach on the surface of the carriers take up pollutants as food for growth.

The CFIC ® process has continuous inflow to the bioreactor and intermittent cleaning, using influent wastewater, which removes excess biomass (sludge) from the biofilm carriers.


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