Biowater Technology

Next generation of wastewater treatment solutions

Biowater Technology AS delivers the next generation of wastewater treatment solutions to meet the growing global challenges of water conservation and climate change. In this way we work every day, and on every project to ensure a sustainable future.

Biowater Technology AS feature in “Sustainable Engineering in Action” coincinciding with the UN’s 75th Anniversary.

Our installations worldwide clean over 1M m3 of water every day, delivering water back to nature or as part of reuse solutions

Our technology can convert pollutants to useful energy – biogas when utilized at source has a lower carbon footprint and cost than transportation and use of fossil fuels

We serve a range of industrial customers with treatment technologies, including securing funding for use of innovative solutions.

Our patented CFIC technology is setting the standard for low energy community water treatment – lowering energy consumption by 50% compared to standard solutions.

Biowater Technology at the heart of industrial effluent treatment lowers the overall environmental impact of production.

Low energy utilization, clean energy generation and clean water are vital against the increasing threat of climate change

We are proud signatories of the UN Global Compact

Uphold and report on 10 principles with respect to: 

  • Human Rights 
  • Labour 
  • Environment 
  • Anti-Corruption

We are proud of our role in contributing to a sustainable future