Our Vision & Mission

Everyday, our technology is returning water back to nature. Our next generation solutions are treating water to increasing quality standards with lower energy consumption, and in some cases providing a valuable energy source to customers.

Through our services create culture where:

Preserving and maintaining a sustainable supply of water is prioritised

Wastewater is a valuable resource

Environmentally friendly treatment is the first choic

• Investing in the next generation of engineers and maintaining an environment where innovation and improvement thrives

• Supporting our customers with bespoke solutions that maximise resource reuse, minimise waste​

Keep innovating and improving technology

​• Continuously monitor and improve our impact on the world


Our team

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Biowater Technology designs and engineers next generation technologies and solutions for the municipal and industrial wastewater treatment markets. We deliver the next generation of wastewater treatment solutions to meet the growing global changes of water conservation and climate change. In this way we work every day, and on every project to ensure a sustainable future.


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