Biowater Technology signs contract with Slamsug AS

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Biowater Technology designs and engineers next generation technologies and solutions for the municipal and industrial wastewater treatment markets.

Biowater Technology signs FEED study with Slamsug AS, Ålesund Norway

Biowater Technology is proud to have signed the FEED study (Front-End Engineering Design) with Slamsug AS, Ålesund Norway for their future unique and sustainable project, where we will design facilities for industrial wastewater. This marks an important step in our and Slamsug AS’s commitment towards environmentally friendly and sustainable waste management.

The FEED study will serve as the blueprint for the development of an advanced wastewater treatment plant specifically designed to handle and treat industrial wastewater in compliance with strict environmental regulations. By utilizing our expertise in the industry, Biowater Technology together with Slamsug aims to set new standards for responsible treatment of industrial wastewater.

Main objectives of the FEED study:

1. Technology evaluation: The study will assess and select cutting-edge technologies that ensure effective and safe treatment, and minimize the external environment.

2. Comprehensive risk analysis: A thorough risk assessment will be conducted to identify potential challenges and implement robust measures to mitigate any environmental or operational risks associated with the abatement.

3. Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring compliance with local and national industrial purification regulations according to IED will be a priority throughout the FEED study, laying the foundation for a facility that meets BAT-AEL requirements.

4. Resource optimization: The study will explore opportunities for resource recovery and recycling in the treatment process, in line with circular economy principles.

Commenting on the launch of the FEED study, Stefan Kjørsvik, Commercial Manager at Biowater Technology, said: «The project with Slamsug AS is an example of our commitment to responsible environmental management. The FEED study is a critical phase and lays the foundation for a facility that not only meets BAT-AEL IED requirements, but exceeds expectations in terms of safety, efficiency and sustainability. «

Hans-Christian Haugen, CEO of Slamsug AS comments: «Slamsug AS is very pleased to have Biowater Technology on this project to perform the critical part of design, engineering and construction. The professionalism, experience and, not least, the understanding of the environment and sustainability was an important and decisive factor«

About Biowater Technology: Biowater Technology are experts in the design and delivery of tailor-made biological solutions for wastewater treatment. We develop and implement our own next-generation treatment technology to meet the growing global challenges of water treatment and climate change. In this way, we work every day, and on every project to ensure a sustainable future.

For questions or more information about the FEED study, solutions and this project, please contact Stefan Kjørsvik from Biowater Technology for further questions.

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