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Maceiò Alagoas - Brazil adopts CFIC® Biofilm Technology

The challenge

The city known as Alto Maceio has in recent times experienced high population growth. The new plant offers treatment and benefits to the 160,000 residents, first phase on line in May 2019, and second phase due in 2021 with flows up to 360 l/s. As well as the new treatment plant, the city is investing in new infrastructure including over 160 km of new sewage collection network.

The design

In 2017 Biowater Technology AS through local partner Memphis Empreendimento proposed CFIC® as the solution for the wastewater treatment. This technology was chosen over other technologies as UASB, Activated Sludge, MBBR and IFAS due to its advantages including compactness, low TSS in the effluent (no need for a separate separation stage), ease of operation, and low operational cost. The CFIC® technology offers 50% reduction in the energy consumption compared with conventional MBBR which, together with the reduction in the carbon footprint, provides cost reductions to the whole life of the plant.


Since the plant operation has commenced the CFIC® plant in Maceió is only run in wash mode 12 hours per week. The removal efficiency of the organic loading since start up has been equally a promising. Incoming COD (chemical oxygen demand) is 600 mg/l and effluent presents less than 120 mg/l, a removal of more than 80 % and well within the discharge limits for the project. The TSS (Total suspended solids) from the plant is less than 25 mg/l. The BOD (biological oxygen demand) in the effluent is also well under the maximum regulatory level (< 30 mg/L), with an average of 23 mg/L.


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