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Cost effective stormwater control in existing tanks

mandag 26. mars 2012

Cumberland, RI, March 26, 2012: Sewer overflows are major contributors to violations in municipal wastewater treatment plants.  In the past, there have been only a few ways to handle the wet weather contribution to a plant. Ballasted flocculation or reconfiguring the plant entirely- both very costly options.  Biowater has come up with a cost-effective, dependable way to handle these issues. 

Biowater’s CFIC® - Continuous Flow Intermittent Cleaning process has all of the benefits of traditional biological fixed-film technology but has many more.

Biowater’s CFIC® for CSO and SSO work brings the following benefits:

  • Controlled wasting
  • High Volatile Solids content = renewable energy
  • Low Effluent TSS
  • Continuous treatment- no monitoring needed
  • Water is dischargeable – no need to recirculate
  • Easy retrofit – don’t have to worry about existing hydraulic profile
  • No chemical dosing
  • Low operational costs

The basis of our CFIC® biofilm technology is the biological growth on polyethylene pieces called media or carriers.  These surfaces provide a protective surface area for the biology to grow.  The biofilms can handle extremely high loading conditions without any problems with clogging or shock.

Biowater Technology is an international provider of biological water and wastewater treatment systems.  Our products include:  MBBR, IFAS, Package Systems and a new generation of MBBR-CFIC® Our employees offer over 40 years’ experience in the water and wastewater industry.  The company focus is on the development and sales of innovative technologies and solutions for both industrial and municipal markets.  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and knowledge of biological fixed film design.  For more information contact Jill Bibby at or by phone at +1 401-305-3622