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Introducing the Next Generation MBBR...CFIC® - Continuous Flow Intermittent CleaningBOD/COD removal, Nitrification-all of the benefits of traditional MBBR's with additional capabilities.

mandag 31. oktober 2011

BWT’s CFIC® process is an enhanced way to improve effluent water quality and address the need for cost effective reuse of water. The CFIC® biofilm reactor process consists of highly packed biofilm carriers upon which biofilm proliferates and degrades water-borne pollutants. At the same time, CFIC® improves pollutant removal rates significantly compared with widely used Activated Sludge and MBBR solutions.

In order to treat wastewater conventionally, municipalities and industry use enormous resources including capital expenditures on large treatment facilities, consumption of electrical energy, consumption of chemicals, while producing waste sludge that may not provide reusable resources. Biowater’s CFIC® technology will reduce energy consumption for MBBR plants by up to 50% and even more for conventional activated sludge plants.

Typical wastewater sources with value for water reuse are: storm water, industry, agriculture and dilution water, among others. BWT’s CFIC® process has proven to be an effective and well documented solution for treatment of wastewater and a cost effective way to generate effluent quality fit for reuse applications.